Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Ruckus in Red Robin.

Oliver usually does really well when we go out.
He's a well-tempered little lad,
And we almost never have major problems.
Almost never.

A few weekends ago
Kyle and I went to Red Robin.
Oliver was asleep when we arrived,
So we carried his car seat inside the restaurant.

After being seated, Oliver woke up.
Red Robin is a noisy place sometimes,
And we watched Ollie take in his surroundings
With wide eyes.

Ollie started acting a little scared,
So Kyle got him out of the car seat and
Held him at the dinner table.

Ollie looked up at his dad with the roundest eyes
And immediately let out the most startled cry
We have ever heard.

All heads in the restaurant turned.
I took Oliver, and he cried some more
And out of the restaurant we dashed
While Kyle waited for our food.

A few minutes in the quiet, fresh air
Before going back inside
And Ollie was fine after that!

I guess I would be disoriented too,
If I woke up from my nap
In such a crazy, noisy new place. Poor kiddo!
He had big crocodile tears and everything!

Mom and Dad had their first experience
With an embarrassing child in a public place!
It gave us a good laugh. 

Great-Grandma Pack is having her birthday party
At Red Robin this weekend...
Wish us luck! ;)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Ollie-Isms: Five Months

Five months already? Where has the time gone?? For some reason the days seems to pass by so quickly now, especially since the weather is changing and fall is in the air. I'm excited to introduce Oliver to all of the holidays that are coming up, though! Sharing the special moments like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with Oliver is going to be the best, I just know it. Still though, time doesn't need to fly by so quickly!

Ollie-Isms: Five Months

-One of our biggest challenges is still practicing tummy time. Oliver doesn't like it at all, and I think part of the reason he gets so mad is because being on his stomach bothers his acid reflux a little bit. Kyle and I try to wait until long after a meal has passed before putting Ollie down on his stomach, but he still spits up a ton when we set him on the floor. Oliver has discovered a lot of leg strength recently though, and he'll scooch around on his back or sides to reach toys or change directions.

-Oliver may not roll onto his tummy very often, but he does roll from side to side all the time! Ollie will roll onto his side to grab toys or watch us walk by. He has actually become a side sleeper recently as well. 

-One of Kyle's favorite new developments about Oliver is that he loves to cross his ankles. He looks like such a little poser with his ankles crossed one on top of the other... and he does it all the time. In the car seat, during nap time, in the swing, on the floor, even when we try and change his diaper.

-Oliver has always been a talker, but recently he's found the power behind his voice. Ollie will purse his lips together, hold his breath, get super excited and then release all of his energy into a short burst of high-pitched sound! These little squeals happen most often when he's excited, happy, or wanting a little extra attention. ;)

-We've been waiting and waiting for Oliver to use his feet and legs a little more, and now he'll finally push off the ground (or our laps) when we hold him upright to "stand". I love watching him figure out how to push the weight of his body upward with his legs. He's started doing it when he's sitting on our laps too, pushing himself backwards with his feet.

-Ollie is a champ at sleeping in the crib, and he almost always goes to sleep without a fight if we lay him down drowsy. We've gotten into a nightly routine of medicine, dinner, jammies, a story, family prayers, and bedtime... and he usually cooperates pretty well. The longest Oliver has cried in the crib at bedtime is about 20 minutes, but usually he watches us walk away and falls asleep without a fuss. He is such a wiggle worm in there, though! We always find him facing a new direction when we come to get him in the morning.

-Our Little Man is still a social bug, and I usually get told about his "great temperment" or "social personality" wherever we go. He LOVES smiling and jabbering at strangers, and he makes new friends very easily.

Ollie's Stats: Five Months

Eye Color: Still blue, and people are starting to notice! In general people are starting to say Oliver looks more like me, but I still see Kyle in him all the time!

Clothing Size: We just barely packed up the 0-3 clothes and pulled out our new 3-6 outfits. All of the onesies are pretty big, but we had to move up a size for length... such a little noodle! I was sad to box up the 0-3 clothes, but it's always fun having a "new wardrobe" when Ollie grows a size!

Hair: The fohawk is back! After many comments from family and friends (they all missed his fohawk), we trimmed Oliver's hair and brought the spikes back. I was planning on trimming a bit of his baby hair for a keepsake anyway, so it worked out. I do admit that I've taken a liking to the fohawk... as long as we can keep it tidy. When we spike his hair Ollie looks just like his daddy! We also see more blonde coming in, although he still doesn't have nearly as much hair as he did when he was born.

Nursing: Oliver gets hungry every 2-3 hours on cue, but he always nurses well and is satisfied after his meals. We were going to introduce baby cereal a few days ago, but we've decided to wait just a few more weeks before adding this new component to his diet. The doctor suggested waiting until he was as close to 6 months as possible anyway... and he's still content nursing, so we're not in a huge rush.

Sleep: We start Ollie's nighttime routine at 8:00pm and he's usually in bed by 8:30pm. Oliver almost always sleeps until approximately 5:00am to nurse, and then falls back asleep until 7:30am. We're about to adjust our schedule for a family commitment we'll have this fall, so I'm hoping he'll adapt well. He's such a good sleeper right now and I love it!

Likes: His anchor teether, FaceTiming with Grandma, Napping in the boppy, the helicopter rattle, his colorful toy links, silky blankets, the farm animal mat, the orange flowers on the kitchen table, the rattle on the walker, the hippo on the swing, napping with mommy and daddy, chewing on his shirts, tubby time, story time, playing with daddy when he comes home from work, sitting outside

Dislikes: nap time in the crib, wearing socks, being left alone, being rocked by daddy at night (hehe), his acid reflux medicine, the bulb syringe, being in the car when the car isn't moving.

Nicknames: Ollie, Little Man, Baby Boy, Big-a-Boy, Olivah (British accent), NB, Sweetest Son, Little Son, Big Son, Happy Son.

Milestones: Pushes off with his feet, rolls from side to side, sleeps in the crib at night, sitting up with assistance, gives hugs when held over the shoulder

Hey Sweet Boy,

Another month has already come and gone! I can't believe it! I love spending my days with you, even when you cry or don't take good naps or feel like you need extra attention. I love it all. I'm so excited to share the next few months with you, to experience fall and winter and the holidays together. I just hope it doesn't happen too fast! I'm already trying to slow the time down a little!

I love how content you always are... such a happy, well-tempered little man. I love the way you turn and smile at me when you're on my shoulder, and I love the little hugs you give me when I pick you up in the mornings. I also secretly love your growing attachment to your mama. I think you're becoming a mama's boy at heart (much to daddy's dismay), and I hope we'll always have a special little bond like that.

You're our greatest blessing, and our favorite little boy in the whole world. I love you, Son!

Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Happy Little Nothings

Free tickets to the State Fair
Skirts with pockets
Dance auditions
Fresh raspberries from good neighbors
New jewelry cleaner
French fries
Re-watching Gilmore Girls
Disney songs
Sips N' Sweets sugar cookies
A Christmas Carol: The Musical
Movie nights in the gym
Singing at the Fairytale Festival
Fleece footsie pajamas 
Long naps
Visiting with theatre friends
Chilly evenings
Pictures with Peter Pan
Visiting with The Crowell Girls
Baby cereal
Filtered water
One hundred Delovely Sundays Pictures
Sunny mornings
Baby giggles
Daily FaceTime calls
Peanut M&M's
General Conference in two weeks

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Saturday Spectacle.

Mr. DeYoung got some free tickets
To the State Fair this year.
The weather was perfect on Saturday morning,
Sunny and cool.

When we first arrived
We had our caricatures drawn,
Which was so fun.
Ollie's turned out the cutest I think.

Then it was time for lunch.
The first stand we went to
Was selling corn dogs for $5.00 a piece!
Then I peeked back into their kitchen
And saw boxes of corn dogs from Foster Farms!

Really, Fair Food People? 
I could buy a whole box of Foster Farms corn dogs
For $5.00 at Walmart!
Not even worth it.

We went to another stand
Where they deep fried our corn dogs
Right in front of us. (The best way!)
We also drank strawberry lemonade.
Fair Food at it's finest.

The three of us walked around the exhibits,
(So many fun projects on display!)
And decided that maybe I'll
Enter my French Macarons next year.

Walking around the shops and booths was fun too.
I bought a recipe book about mini cupcakes
For only $5.00! Hooray!
(Yes, the same price as one Foster Farm corn dog.)

Ollie mostly enjoyed the views from his stroller.
He also took a few naps while
Kyle and I wandered around the fairgrounds,
Taking in all the bright colors and fun sights.

Before we left,
Of course we bought a few treats.
Chocolate covered strawberries and
Caramel-dipped pretzels. They were delicious!

I think the fair was a success.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Playtime in Park City

My parents took the whole family to Park City for Labor Day weekend. We may not have traveled far for the holiday, but having the extra time with Kyle and being with Mom and Dad Paxman (as well as Ben and Brooklyn) was definitely a treat.

The weekend festivities began Friday evening when we had a roast-out with the family and played Kubb in my parents backyard. Kyle even bought a bunch of fancy-flavored marshmallows for everyone to taste (They're called Smashmallows. He bought Lemon Poppyseed, Rootbeer Float, Strawberries and Cream, Roasted Pineapple Coconut, and Mint Chocolate Chip).

We greeted our Saturday morning with fresh Einstein Bagels, and then after packing the van we were off! The drive through the canyon was as beautiful as always, and when we arrived in Park City we were ready for adventure.

We made our first stop at the Park City Mountain Resort to get tickets for some of the rides. Kyle and I came here on our honeymoon, so it was fun to revisit the place! We all took turns on the Alpine Slildes, Zipline, and Alpine Coaster (even Mom took a turn on the coaster!). Oliver was too little for the rides, but Mom and Dad were kind enough to play with him so Kyle and I could go on some of the rides together.

After we were finished with the rides at the resort, we drove to the Utah Olympic Park to sign up for some bobsled rides. Mom and Dad decided not to participate in this activity (and Ollie couldn't either), but we all rode the little shuttle up to the top of the track so we could watch each other take off!

I was excited for the bobsled ride at first, but after the guide gave us a huge list of warnings and instructions... I was pretty nervous! Most of the riders were clocking in at speeds close to 70 miles per hour, so I was definitely feeling a little unsure as I climbed into the open sled with nothing but my helmet on for protection. The bobsled ride ended up being a blast though! The ride was a sensation I have never experienced before. The turns were INSANE, and I think we all walked away with a few bumps and bruises.

The family was feeling pretty wiped by the time we were finished sledding, so we checked into our hotel suite to relax for a little while. Mom packed delicious sandwiches, and I think we devoured everything faster than she had time to set it out! Playing in the sun all day was tiring and we were famished!

After catching our breath and cooling off in the hotel room, Kyle and I went shopping at The Tanger Outlets with my sister Brooklyn. We scored a few new pairs of Levis, and a HUGE bag of new clothes for Oliver, too! We probably went a little overboard on the baby clothes... but we just couldn't help ourselves!

We stopped in at Walmart to grab breakfast supplies for the next morning, and then we drove into main street to find a treat for the evening! I love strolling up and down Main Street. After walking up the sidewalk or a while, we ran into The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and new we had reached our destination. We called the rest of the family (still back at the hotel) to take orders, and loaded up on some tasty chocolate goodies!

When we came back "home" after our evening errands, Ollie was sound asleep on our bed. The rest of the family enjoyed their desserts and then followed suit... I think everyone was just so tired from all the fun!

A few of us woke up early on Sunday morning to enjoy the hot tub before heading home. It was chilly outside at first, but once the sun came out the weather was really nice. Even Ollie came out in his swimsuit to enjoy a little splash in the warm pool later that morning!

We checked out of the hotel, and then everyone rode the free lift that goes up and down the mountainside to the different resorts. The views that morning were stunning, and we had fun piling into a little gondola to enjoy the fresh mountain air!

Dad suggested making one last pit stop before heading home, so we all climbed in the van and drove up to the Provo River Falls together. Most of my family has seen these waterfalls before, but I'm glad they all made the drive again so Kyle and I could enjoy the sights too. The falls were beautiful! The water was freezing, but the views were definitely worth seeing... visiting the falls was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

After visiting The Provo River Falls, we drove back to my parents' house for the rest of the weekend. We still enjoyed their company on Monday though, since Kyle had Labor Day off anyway. We mostly spent Monday morning relaxing together, but later that afternoon Mom took us bowling and out for pizza.

And then just like that, the long weekend was over and it was time for home and work once again. Thanks for the fun mini-trip Mom and Dad, and for letting us play with you all weekend! We love you guys!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Under the Weather

Moms should not be allowed to get sick.
I don't know how my mom did it when I was small,
Because I've barely survived the past weekend.
Being sick and taking care of a baby is tough business.

On Thursday I had a little sniffle,
And then on Friday I came down with a full-blown virus.
Fever, aches, chills, sniffles, sore throat, coughs...
It was the worst.

Poor Ollie was so patient with me...
He spent most of the weekend laying on the bed
Entertaining himself with toys
While I laid next to him, hacking out my lungs.

But I'm not here today to go on and on about my woes.
I'm writing about my weekend because while I was sick,
So many people reached out to take care of us
And I am so grateful.

I couldn't let the week pass by
Without giving a huge thanks 
To some very awesome people who
I couldn't have survived the weekend without.

A big thanks to The Cornias.
Lindsie sent daily thoughtful texts,
They brought pizza and dessert so I didn't have to cook,
And Derek helped Kyle give me a blessing, too.

Another huge shout-out to Jordan Dixon,
Who out of the blue decided to message me
And offer any kind of help I needed,
When she saw me post about being sick on social media.

Mom DeYoung brought us an easy dinner
And played with Ollie,
And sis-in-law Alisa let us borrow her humidifier.
Hashtag: winlaws

And oh goodness,
My Mr. DeYoung was a lifesaver.
He played with Ollie, cooked food,
And loved me a little extra all weekend.

I'm surrounded by some pretty wonderful people.
I never expected so much love and care
Resulting from a little common virus.
I am so blessed!

This week Ollie has some of my symptoms,
But Mr. DeYoung is still going strong.
I'm praying they both come out on top!
I don't want them to get as sick as I was.

Also, this week I'm feeling extra grateful
For a healthy, energized body.
Isn't it funny how being sick helps you
Recognize the blessings of good health?

Needless to say... I'm grateful to be feeling myself again.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hooray, He's Done!

Mr. DeYoung OFFICIALLY finished his Masters Degree last week. This is a pretty big deal, because Mr. DeYoung has been going to school for a pretty long time. I know that working and going to school full-time (while starting a little family) hasn't been easy, but Kyle has done it so gracefully. He excels in his job and in his classes, and he finished his degree with flying colors.

To celebrate the end of this era, our family went to dinner and out for a game of mini-golf together last night. We finished our celebrations with some refreshing Hokulia Shaved Ice on the front porch before turning in for the day. It was great spending some time together, and Kyle didn't have to think about a single homework assignment or test while we enjoyed the evening!

Congratulations, Honey!! I am so proud of you.