Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mr. DeYoung!

We are happy to praise and celebrate our Mr. DeYoung at any opportunity we get! Kyle turned 27 this year, and we had a great time enjoying his special day together!

Mr. DeYoung had to work on his birthday, so I woke up a little early to make him breakfast in bed. I came into the bedroom with breakfast tray in-hand at 6:40am, singing a little birthday song to wake up Kyle. Kyle enjoyed his french toast, bacon, and orange julius in our bedroom before getting ready for the day.

When Kyle came home that afternoon, we enjoyed a little dinner outing together before the big party! Kyle and I have been eating healthy recently, so we took his birthday as an opportunity to splurge on food we don't normally allow. Kyle wanted chicken fingers, fries, and a strawberry shake from The Burger Stop for his special day... so that's exactly where we went!

After dinner we drove to Kyle's parents' home for a family get-together in honor of Kyle. Mr. DeYoung opted for ice cream sundaes instead of cake and ice cream this year... and I think the family had fun assembling their mountains of ice cream, bananas, syrups, and sprinkles! We also played yard games and visited under the evening sun.

When it got cooler, we pulled out the gifts for Kyle to open! He got some really fun things from siblings and parents... and I know he feels blessed to have such a generous family! Ollie and I gave him two of the Indiana Jones movies, some new sheet music, a pair of Mickey Mouse Socks, an Avatar window decal, and a Disney Charades board game. My favorite part of Kyle's birthday is always being able to watch him open the gifts I choose for him every year.

Over the weekend we had another birthday celebration for Kyle with my family! Our annual trip to Grandma Pack's house for the Pioneer Day Rodeo always falls close to Kyle's birthday, so I made cake at Grandma's house for the occasion. It was fun to enjoy some Oreo Poke Cake for Kyle's birthday with my extended family. My parents gave Kyle the board game Telestrations for his birthday, and we had fun playing a few rounds with all the cousins while we were on our trip!

We had a grand time celebrating Kyle this past week. I am lucky to have such a fun and amazing husband! I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday once more, Mr. DeYoung! I am so lucky to celebrate your life with you, and I love you so much!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ollie-Isms: Three Months

Oliver is three months old now, and I'm still in denial! Friends and family have started to mention how big Ollie is getting or how much he changes from day-to-day... and I just can't keep up with it all! The other night I told Kyle that bedtime makes me sad because I know it means Oliver is another day older. We're glad he's growing and healthy though, so it's very bittersweet.

Sidenote: I'm never sure how to count these monthly milestones... do you count by the week (every Saturday after he is born?) or by the date (the 15th of every month?) This month was a little extra special because the 15th actually fell on a Saturday, which is the same day of the week he was born. 

Ollie-Isms: Three Months

-Oliver can grab onto some of his toys now, and he loves playing with them. The first toy he played with was a plastic rattle we got from a baby shower. He loves to shake the rattle and listen to the sound! After realizing how good he was at holding onto things, we bought him a second, softer toy to play with as well. Now you will often see Ollie holding either his rattle or the Mickey Mouse plush toy we got him from Walgreens. 

-Oliver usually likes his pacifier, but when he's really tired he'll start mumbling underneath the binky while it's still in his mouth. The social little boy tries to stay awake until the bitter end... and we always get a laugh listening to the "mmm, mmm" sounds of him trying to talk through the pacifier while he's falling asleep.

-If we don't keep a close eye on Ollie, we almost always find him sticking his hands in his mouth! It's a habit we've been trying to break ever since he started. Oliver loves to chew and slober all over his fingers. Sometimes he'll reach up and take his pacifier out of his mouth with one hand, just to replace it with his other hand! Silly boy!

-Our Little Man probably gets smothered in kisses every day... and it has become one of his favorite games! I love to slowly lean in and give Ollie a bunch of quick kisses on his cheeks because he smiles from ear to ear and giggles every time! It's almost as if he knows what's coming!

-This little boy is a complete lush. Whenever Oliver sleeps, he stretches his body out as tall as he can and rests his hands behind his head... a sight resembling that of a beach bum in a lawn chair. Ollie will stay this way for hours in the bassinet... something that concerns his mom because she's sure he's going to get a flat spot on his head that way. ;)

-Oliver has outgrown the infant insert in the baby tub; and now that he sits deeper in the water he loooves to splash! Ollie's little feet get going so fast, whoever is bathing him is sure to get wet in the process!

-We've been teaching Oliver how to buzz his lips for a while now, and the kid has finally got it down-pat! Grandma started teaching him this trick first, but over the course of the last few weeks almost everyone has tried to get him to repeat. Oliver loves to chat, and he has quite the deep voice for such a little man! We love listening to him coo and talk.

-Ollie is usually a pretty happy boy, but I always know he's about to be upset when his bottom lip curls out. I try not to laugh... but watching that lip pout out is hilarious! Oliver is still proving himself to be quite the expressive little fella.

Ollie's Stats: Three Months

Eye Color: Still blue!

Clothing Size: Still in size 1 diapers, and still in 0-3 clothing. His footie jammies are tight in the length, but almost everything else still fits. There are a few 0-3 onesies that are a little snug, but there are also a few outfits that still leave plenty of room for growth.

Hair: I am thrilled to say that Oliver hasn't lost any of his baby hair yet! Three months in and we are still over the moon about his fine brown baby locks.

Nursing: Oliver is still a pretty consistent eater, cuing us in on his hunger almost every two hours during the day.

Sleep: Ohhh my goodness... Our Little Man is an amazing sleeper. Oliver slept through the night for the first time on June 26th. We laid him down at 10:45 that night (a later bedtime than usual), and I was shocked when I wasn't awoken until 7:10am the next morning! Since that day, Oliver sleeps an average of 9 hours every night. If he wakes up during the night, it's usually only one time at around 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning.

Likes: His black and white spinning mobile from Aunt Sarah, the Mickey Mouse toy, the rattle, getting kissed on the cheeks, silky blankets, riding in the stroller, bath time, Grandma Paxman's elephant mobile, Grandma DeYoung's ceiling fan, laying on the boppy.

Dislikes: being buckled in the car seat, tummy time, prune juice (we had to give this to him when we thought he was constipated), his squeaky toy, loud sirens at the parade, loud children, being left out of social situations with adults.

Nicknames (mostly the same): Little Man, Big-a-Boy, Happy Son, Ollie, Sweetest Son

Milestones: looks at his hands, blows raspberries, grabs toys, much stronger on his tummy (and neck strength as well), starting to giggle, sleeps through the night.

My Little Man,

Goodness, how you've grown in just one month! With every passing day I love you more and more. Being your mom is the best thing I've ever done. I love spending each day with you; going on walks in the stroller, singing and splashing in the tub, chatting on the bed, cuddling up for naps on the couch, and playing on the floor together! You are starting to be so interactive and bubbly, and I love getting to know your little personality!

Time is passing so quickly. You're almost too big for your bassinet... and in just a handful of months you'll be sitting, rolling, and crawling! I always look forward to the milestones coming up because it means you're healthy and strong, but I wouldn't be mad if time slowed down just a tad. Either way, you make me the happiest. Thanks for being my boy.

Love always,

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Picnic at the Park.

We bought a new picnic basket early this spring.. with two open flaps like I've always wanted (thanks, Target!). Then the baby was born, and for months we never took our basket off the closet shelf!

A few weeks ago we finally scheduled a little picnic date. When Kyle got home from work one Friday we filled our blue basket with sandwiches, peach sodas, fruit, veggies, and more! Then we loaded everything into the stroller and walked to the park.

Slow summer evenings with Mr. DeYoung and Little DeYoung are my favorite.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Independence Day.

Sister Mary from the ward said it right.

"We love The Fourth of July so much that we call it
The Fourth of Ju-Christmas!"

Oh, how true!
This holiday has always been my favorite.

We woke up slowly on Tuesday morning, savoring the time we had together and relaxing in bed. Ollie and I always look forward to those rare mornings when Mr. DeYoung gets to sleep in with us. When it was time to get ready, you can bet we were excited to put on our patriotic garb for the day! We especially love Ollie's star romper we purchased this year. (Insert all of the heart-eye emojis here).

The parade started at 11:00 am. Kyle and I have never been to our city parade before (we usually drive to one of our parents' city parades every year), and we had a good time sitting at the curb with Ollie in the stroller as the cars and floats passed by. Kyle and I loved the excitement of it all, but Oliver really didn't like the sound of the sirens and horns. It was also pretty hot and crowded on the sidewalk, so we didn't stay the entire duration of the parade. I think the parade will be more fun next year when we have a child who actually somewhat-understands what's happening in front of him. ;)

We stopped at home for a bit when we left the parade, and then it was off to Kyle's Parents' Home for their annual Fourth of July Crepes! Eating crepes with the DeYoung family has probably become one of my favorite Fourth of July traditions, second only to the firework show we see every year. I just can't get enough of that cream cheese/cottage cheese filling that Jana makes!

After we'd had our fill of crepes, We drove to my parents' house for the remainder of the holiday. "Grandma"/Mom Paxman watched Oliver while Kyle and I went out for snow cones with my siblings. I've mentioned before that Hokulia Shaved Ice is one of our favorite summer treats... and to me, The Fourth of July is the epitome of all things summer! Enjoying a cup of my Blue Hawaii shaved ice was definitely a highlight for the day.

Upon returning from our shaved ice outing, we all sat at the dinner table and played our newest favorite board game, "Say Anything". Then Mom Paxman made a delicious array of summer foods for our dinner before the firework show. We enjoyed hamburgers straight from the grill, a luscious veggie tray with ranch dip, fresh fruit, and a zesty pasta salad! Delicious!

When dinner was finished it was time to enjoy my favorite part of the holiday... spending the evening at the city park for fireworks! Mom had blanket-claimed our spot for fireworks much earlier in the day. We sat at a new spot this year with some neighborhood friends, right in the center of the park! It was great! Once again, Oliver spent some one-on-one time with his grandma while we explored the booths and carts that were set up for the holiday.

As it started to get darker, we all gathered back at our blankets to await the big show. Oliver fell asleep for a while, and all of the adults visited together in anticipation for the fireworks.

When the firework show started, Ollie woke up right away. We covered his ears with our hands a little bit (since he hated the loud parade sounds so much), but as the firework show went on we realized that he was mesmerized by the lights and sounds! I uncovered his ears after a while, and he just stared wide-eyed at all of the bright flashes of color in the sky.

This year, The Fourth of July showed me how fun holidays can be when you have children. I've always looked forward to sharing holidays with my kids! This year we finally can! I think I probably watched Oliver more than I watched the actual fireworks! I loved seeing him take it all in for the very first time.

The firework show was as grand as ever, and after the show we decided to pick up supplies for homemade ice cream sundaes! I hope this becomes an annual tradition for my family, because it was far more delicious (and cheaper) than the food in the park! We took the long way home to avoid traffic, stopping at the grocery store for ice cream, bananas, sprinkles, waffle cones, chocolate syrup, and more! It made for a late night, but eating our ice cream sundaes was the perfect finish to our summer holiday!

We had another amazing Fourth of July holiday this year, and I'm always a little sad to see how quickly special days like these go by. Summer is in full-swing though, and I'm sure we'll have many more adventures before the season is through!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Prequel to the Holiday.

Kyle's extended family (on Mom DeYoung's side,) started their summer holiday celebrations a day early this year, so on the third we drove up north for an evening filled with summer games and grilled food. The night air was warm and the company was wonderful. Weekend evenings like this are what I live for.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Splish Splash.

We took Ollie to the pool for his first time last Saturday! When our cousins Abbey and Dax Smith invited us for an afternoon of swimming at a local pool, we were thrilled! We purchased our Little Man a new swimming suit and all of the essential supplies, and we were off!

Oliver loves bath time, so I was pretty sure he'd love the pool too. Our sweet boy is still in the stage where he's not quite sure what's going on around him, so I think for a 10-week-old, he enjoyed the water quite well! I loved watching Ollie look around with big eyes from under his sun shades, and Mr. DeYoung was surprised at how buoyant he is!

We had a fantastic time with the Smiths and their little darling Sicily (just a few months older than Oliver) at the pool. Our little family needed a relaxing afternoon under the sunshine... breathing in the fresh air and splashing in the waves! After a little dip in the pool with Oliver, our family enjoyed laying out in the shade of a big pine tree while the Smiths swam for a little while longer. I loved sitting on the grass in the shade by my two boys, watching them nap in the lounge chair together. I also couldn't get over Oliver's wrinkly little toes and spiky hair! Oh, I just love that baby so!

Mr. DeYoung and I are looking forward to showing Oliver the many amazing things about summer... and I'm sure this time at the pool won't be our last! Now that Kyle is finished with classes on campus, we have a whole world of summer adventures to explore together! And I can't wait!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Little Nothings: Fathers Day

Sitting with Mr. DeYoung and Little DeYoung in church
Celebrating fathers
Root beer floats for Kyle
Opening gifts together at home
Beauty and the Beast
Tiny hand prints and foot prints saved in plaster
Sunday naps
Sitting outside for dinner with the DeYoung family
Tie skirts
Jumping photo shoots
Fresh watermelon
Phone calls with Dad Paxman
Happy gargoyles
Chocolate seafoam wrapped in cellophane
A Father's Day Play by The Littles
Pictures with Dads
Matching bowties
Laughing with family out on the driveway